Miss Pooja Now Holds Three World Records!

Miss Pooja is a World Record Holder

Miss Pooja now holds three world records in the field of singing. International Book of Records has recently declared this publicly. As a matter of fact, this record was signed to her name on March 02, 2020 but was announced later.

International Book of recordsIn fact, International Book of Records has been a prominent name in acknowledging talents and records. On the other hand, the achievement is no joke. Miss Pooja has always been working hard since her debut in 2006. In other words, her rise to fame shook the industry and her chart-busters cemented her position in the business forever.

What Are These Records About?

Miss Pooja has broken three records. The first record is of singing the maximum number of Punjabi songs. As the records suggest, Pooja has sung about 4,500 songs. The second record is ‘Maximum Music Albums Published’. Eventually, she has 300 published albums credited under her name. Miss Pooja holds the third record for performing in 800 music videos.

Miss Pooja World Record“Worked really hard for my career but never thought I would get this as a reward”.

Pooja wrote this on her Instagram. If you think about it, she has always been a constant name in the charts. From singing Jaan Ton Piyari to Housefull 3 or singing Sohnea, She has always experimented and succeeded. She has been an actor, conquered Folk/Bhangra music, switched to pop music & still managed to stay relevant. She has judged reality shows on Television as well. There are not a lot of people who do that and survive, to be honest.

We had Miss Pooja as a guest on our renowned series Ik Taara Bole back in 2018. The episode was really appreciated when it first went on air. The conversation with her was amazing and she was kind enough to sing a lot of songs for us. If you want the see the episode, feel free to click here.

International Book of Records have posted a video of her on their website. Listen to what Miss Pooja has to say about this proud moment.

Watch Miss Pooja Explain Her Accomplishment Here: